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Globally, demand for food and agricultural commodities has continued to increase and the traditional supplies are not able to satisfy the increasing demand hence the risk of food scarcity which in turn has created opportunities for investment in agriculture. The Market and Trade Hubs approach seeks to promote the adoption of best business practices which facilitates targeted business and market & trade mechanisms that integrate communities in commercial villages as well as the low-end market players through strategic positioning in the agro-trading systems.

FCI has built partnership with 11,510 wholesale buyers from over 170 informal markets and thousands of transport services providers who support supply chain coordination from Commercial Villages to these markets. Markets Hubs Approach has been critical in mobilizing market players in the formal markets such as supermarkets, agro-processing industries, trading companies, institutional buyers and exporters. FCI through Market Hubs Approach works in partnership with 551 companies, over 500 institutional buyers and Small & Micro-Enterprises (SMEs) facilitating trade of over 50 Million Metric tons of agricultural commodities valued at over USD 30 Billion over the last 11 years across 14 countries.

The approach seeks to promote the adoption of best business practices and facilitate targeted business and market & trade mechanisms that integrate poor communities and low-end market players with a view of tapping in to the potential of the small holder farming. The approach is deliberate towards increasing opportunities for social investments and builds the capacity of the partners by facilitating innovative financial models increasing access to products and services.


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FCI VISION : Commercialized smallholder communities with increased incomes for improved, stabilized & sustainable livelihoods in Africa and beyond