The Market Link to Africa - Domestic Horticultural Markets

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Informal markets in Africa can no longer be ignored. These markets have unlocked immeasurable opportunities for millions of smallholder farmers in Africa. They have provided easy entry into market systems for millions of smallholder farmers without the market access they need for a chance to trade as equal Agribusiness players. The Domestic Horticultural Markets (DoHoMa) programme, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was designed for domestic markets mainstreaming with a focus on Traditional Africa Vegetables (TAVs), Bulb Onion and Irish Potatoes in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Tanzania. In the three-year period of implementation, commercialisation of prioritised crops has continuously increased. As a result, farmers’ sales increased from USD 63,422,687 in 2012 to USD 89,113,837 in 2013

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